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+Stamp+ Comment . Fav . Efforts . Respect by TenshiNoFuu +Stamp+ Comment . Fav . Efforts . Respect by TenshiNoFuu
Because yes, some Deviants might not be compulsive :+fav:-clickers and will care about it...

(because yes, you might wish to do so XD )

Despite what you think:

Posting "Some shit I made. Too lazy too explain. FAV AND COM!!!" might make you lose the "Favourite" or "Comment" that your technique, skills would deserve.

Because some Deviants actually care about it.

Isn't it paradoxical to denigrate your own work while bugging people to like it?

This one might need a little explanation so here it is.

For some people, manners/attitude come first.

Small reminder to give you a better grasp of my point > I am quite picky about my favourites and I mostly decide de leave comments when I like deviations. It might not be the case of many people but it is mine (and maybe also concern the people who will fav and/or use this stamp).
I feel basically no need of collecting thousands of deviations in a digital gallery managed by an electronic server and that I will soon forget, so instead I'd rather give a personal direct comment to the human artist who made it.
Comment can be taken as a reward, as a feedback, as a proof of my admiration... anyway, it will be up to the one who will receive it, but I will make the efforts of giving it to them.

Your art might be good, but there are other good artists in the world. If you think you deserve to be over them and you deserve people to spend time on you (a.k.a giving you a Fav or Comment), then there might be something on your side to deserve it.

As for me, this something is called EFFORTS, SELF-RESPECT, and SHARING

I do not especially care if you are arrogant and call your deviation a genius-realization-even-God-couldn't-have-come-up-with. But if you call it sh*t and expect me to still come and say "Awww, but I love it", then you're clearly insulting my taste, my judgement and even my self-respect.

>>> Denigrating your hard work doesn't make you one of the cool kids.

Saying you're not entirely satisfied with something is okay.
Saying you're disappointed by how your efforts ended up in is okay.
Saying your final deviation is not as good as many others in your field/fandom is okay.
BUT saying in the same sentence it is complete crap while almost ordering people to fav it is NOT OKAY.

And besides, requesting feedback should be a two-way thing. If you do not wish to talk/share with your watchers, then it is also their choice not to want and spend their time on you.

Anyway, just to state it clearly, I am not pretending here to give a lecture about what good artists comments are.
:bulletwhite: empty ones could be okay
:bulletwhite: non-confident & overconfident ones could be okay
:bulletwhite: requesting feedback is okay
:bulletwhite: not sucking up to your watchers is also okay
:bulletwhite: etc, etc...
:damphyr: mainly, it's all about the way you present it, and for whom you're writing it for. As I said, if you disrespect your watchers and still wait for a pat in the back, you might not receive it and it would be your responsibility, not their guilt.



:bulletgreen: Apparently, now you do not need to be a Premium Member anymore in order to use the thumb function

:bulletblue: In your journal, custom boxes or author's comments, type :thumb00000000: while replacing the "00000000" by the reference number of the stamp you wish to display.
e.g./ for this stamp :thumb326736774:

:bulletyellow: You can find the whole "thumb" code in the right column of a deviation page, just under the list of groups in which the deviation is submitted (and also when clicking the little "Share" arrow just under the "Download" button).

:bulletyellow: You can also find a deviation reference in the URL of the deviation page, just after the title. If the URL is made of gallery references, meaning a mixture of letters and numbers like "#/d36ijh8", just click on the deviation title once more to get the normal reference.

Emoticon, Epic example-artworks & Animation =TenshiNoFuu


Comments are disabled for the reasons stated here > [link] :bow: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by it.

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September 11, 2012
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