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+Stamp+ Backfire by TenshiNoFuu +Stamp+ Backfire by TenshiNoFuu
Because some people are seriously beyond paradoxical...

Stop playing the victim

when your OWN attacks


Because seriously, it's like a child wondering why he got slapped back after having slapped another kid first...

(mature adults might know it's useless/immature to slap back a childish kid, but even them will snap after a while and finally give back the due slap... personally, I am in favour of showing the 'all-mighty generation' that their all-mightiness is nothing more than a wishful bubble preserved by our laziness up until now... and that this bubble can easily break anytime, for their painful realization...)


Let's be honest, back-firing situations are quite a laughing-stock to see from the sidelines, but it's actually quite annoying after a while when people live so much in their own bubble that they don't realize how pathetic it looks from the outside for any sane/objective spectator...
I mean, it's actually quite hard to tell (when we are one of the party involved) to the other party that they look/act pitiful (expected reaction of the orange party > "How dare you belittle me, you're so mean and mighty!" "Hum, no sorry, everyone can see it... And besides, aren't you the one who came to cross me first? What are you getting all prude about now?!")... but on the other hand, they don't realize it themselves so it's like the snake bitting its own tail...

And this situation unfortunately occurs a little too often for a community of supposedly smart and mature individuals (but that's just in my opinion...).
* dear Deviants, please stop feeling bullied when someone does NOT want to be 'friends' with you anymore after YOU told them to their face your hated them/their works > everyone can see who slammed the door to friendship first

* dear Deviants, please stop feeling bullied when someone gives you a witty answer after YOU barged on their page to play the smart-ass > everyone can see who started the game and burnt their wings at it

* dear Deviants, please stop feeling bullied when someone does NOT let you step on them after YOU proclaimed high and loud that you will kick their butt > everyone can understand it's basic self-defence

* dear Deviants, please stop feeling bullied when someone does NOT want to listen to you while YOU refused to hear them out from the start > everyone can tell respect should be mutual and it was the wrong start for it

* dear Deviants, please stop feeling bullied when someone tells you "are you an idiot?" in answer to YOUR "go die, you ugly b*tch!!!" > everyone can read clearly who is the most disrespectful one

> and for the reminder, all these back-firing situations are of the passive type, so dear Deviants, it means you're only shooting your own feet by starting the fight: the other party doesn't even have much efforts to make to counter you...

.......... and more generally, dear Deviants, please stop playing the drama queen when the world is not going the way you want it to go, while you're only 1/6,000,000,000 person who inhabits it and it's scientifically impossible for the same world to go in 6,000,000,000 different directions at the same time... (seriously... self-centredness should have some limits... studies show we usually learn it around 7-year-old, but it seems like the passing age is dragging later and later nowadays...)

And now is QUIZZ Time!!!

Q.) Among the three characters depicted above, which one suits your situation the best:
:bulletblack: the blue one getting attacked, fighting back, and watching blase-ingly at the DArama he's been dragged into
:bulletblack: the orange one who feel he's being bullied for having received a 'mean' answer to his 'mean' comment and asking for support to his friends
:bulletblack: the friends who believe immediately the orange one saying he's 'bullied' and that the blue one is the 'meanie' without even a care for the real story
:bulletblack: the spectator who is watching it all from afar, laughing and enjoying some pop-corn because he's never been dragged in any similar mess himself (lucky for him... especially considering DA rate for DArama, making it quite rare to have never encountered the problem...)

Frankly speaking, it is worth asking yourself (in all honestly, just you in front of a mirror) this question... Because your attitude alone is also part of what makes DA 'your DA'.


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:police: This stamp only engages my vision of things & my opinion, and was published for the ones who might share it. You are perfectly free to disagree & close-the-tab/remove-me-from-your-watchlist/go-and-browse-DA-for-something-else. No attempt will be made to change-your-mind/force-you-to-agree/get-you-to-use-this-stamp. Similarly, kindly respect everyone's opinion & freedom by NOT forcing them to disagree with this stamp alongside you.

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January 18, 2013
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