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April 9, 2011
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One Piece OC - Fuu Outfit by TenshiNoFuu One Piece OC - Fuu Outfit by TenshiNoFuu
One Piece OC: Fuu in one of her usual outfits

Just a close-up of the main picture I used on Fuu's Complete Chara Profile:

Despite this base being the most over-used base for One Piece OCs, I still really love it and will keep on using it for Fuu's outfits, heehee :D

Fuu's usual dress code is white & beige, with a secondary colour theme in gold/orange/amber or blue/azul/indigo. Since she doesn't have a body as nice as Nami or Robin (something not humanly possible ^^; but you can't help but complex next to them ...) she prefers outfits with a LOT more of fabric than them (not showing her belly, or her cleavage, or her thighs...) :floating:

Fuu, One Piece OC *TenshiNoFuu

Standing Base by ~Destinys-Heart at [link]
Background: Moby Dick, One Piece Anime Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation


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