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One Piece FF. Fuu, Profile Ch4B by TenshiNoFuu One Piece FF. Fuu, Profile Ch4B by TenshiNoFuu
One Piece FAN-FICTION: Fuu (OC) Chara Profile, Guest Evening Dress from the Ice Palace

:damphyr: Story at > Memoirs of an OC, Story.IV: The Day the bended Story of One Piece got mingled with the Snows of Time




"Would you please!" invited Queen Jadis with an amiable gesture, from where she was sitting at one end of a long table of translucent ice.

The pirates were still at the doorstep, all of them dressed to the ninth in the sumptuous garments the Queen had asked her servants to prepare for them. Firstly suspicious about the offer – or too frozen with cold to consider changing clothes – the ten pirates had finally been convinced by the eerie softness of the outfits, by their stunning whiteness, and above all by the fact that they were exceptionally warm for so thin a fabric.

Nami, Robin and Fuu were now wearing feet-length white pleated dresses, which were making them resemble Grecian statues, and only their jewel belts were adorned by gems of different colours: red-orange for Nami, night-blue for Robin, and iridescent-white for Fuu.

Sanji and Marco had put on with earnest enthusiasm their tuxedos white and cream, going as far as smartly folding a silk pocket square to match their cummerbunds.

Ace had also quickly changed: officially saying that he was used to this kind of get-up since he had infiltrated a Marine base and dressed up as an officer there, unofficially after seeing Fuu warmly complimenting Marco and Sanji, and telling them with a radiant smile that they looked Kakkoi.

Zoro had of course refused categorically to submit to the process, but had changed his mind – deeply vexed – when Robin had mentioned that denoting at the dinner would only make him look suspicious, and that if he wanted to observe the Queen, it would be more efficient to go unnoticed.

The three girls had then searched for an outfit matching the plush size of Chopper – this form being decidedly too cute for Nami and Fuu to agree on letting Chopper grow – and they had finally found some shirts, vest and pants in a wardrobe full of children-size clothes.

On his side, Usopp had associated several pieces of garments that the tailors should have definitely not made to wear them all together, and the result was kind of lacking, but that wasn't the main problem.

The main problem had been Luffy, who had decided to wear a sleeveless vest without shirt under it, and had rolled the ends of his tuxedo pants until the knees: the result being the image of his usual outfit, but white. Nami had of course tried to make him wear something formal – probably also hoping to show off her really smart-looking new boyfriend – but Luffy had ranted that the clothes smelled weird and that it wasn't comfy at all to eat and run around, and that it wasn't that important. Fuu had also gave up on it, and Nami had finally heaved a deep sigh and sulked in her corner, before finally remembering the jewel box on the dressing table and disappear behind the folding screen.

So thus was the line-up of the ten pirates when they entered the banquet hall.

Fuu, One Piece OC © =TenshiNoFuu

Base from :icondestinys-heart: at [link]
Background: The Chronicles of Narnia, Ice Palace © Walt Disney Pictures


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