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One Piece FF. Fuu, Profile Ch2 by TenshiNoFuu One Piece FF. Fuu, Profile Ch2 by TenshiNoFuu
One Piece FAN-FICTION: Fuu (OC) Chara Profile, Marine Ford Nightgown Outfit

:damphyr: Story at Memoirs of an OC, Story.II: The Day an Author sent his Sister into One Piece because he lacked Staff



Still bewildered and depressed, Fuu's eyes ended up wandering on Sengoku with a sheepish expression, on the guards with a worried glance for their blades, on Garp with a curious pout and finally on Ace, frowning deeply at seeing the shackles pinning him to the wooden platform.
Her eyes stopped on the tattoo on his left arm.

Asce… Huh… So it's him, Ace…? Luffy's brother…? He seems quite in trouble… Sigh…

Fuu stared earnestly at him, as if searching for answers no one was giving her.

He looks strong, just like Luffy said back then… Oh, and now that I think about it, he's also kind of good-looking… I take back what I said about One Piece characters for not being handsome enough to deserve romantic fantasies… So in the end, I guess it can justify that some fan-girls want to be sent into this world to live romances here… Sigh…

Well, if there is one willing up to trade places with me right now, she's most welcome! I offer her a golden opportunity!

SHIN. Only the wind sweeping the bay and the faraway ruckus of the battlefield answered Fuu’s wishful offer.

Hum… as if that could work… though she bitterly while averting her eyes in a sulking expression at her own stupidity for having thought a mere second that someone would pop up to solve her problem.

Fuu looked back at Ace with a resigned pout and let out another deep sigh.

Base from :icondestinys-heart: at [link]
Background: One Piece Anime, Marine Ford Arc © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation


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