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+OPHS+ Fuu Chara Profile by TenshiNoFuu +OPHS+ Fuu Chara Profile by TenshiNoFuu

For :iconophs: Student Application

I wanted to present different styles as the uniform for OPHS has already been decided by ~renealexa-diary in the pages of her doujins, so here are the official outfits for mid-season and sports :dance: The only personal items are the white over-socks-leg-warmers, scarf and gloves in the last "Winter" Style (the ribbon as belt is also a pesronal variation of the official winter coat).

I went for an animated transition but except the winter one, I am not really satisfied with it... but then again I spent too long on it so I will let it be ^^; Anyway, hope it will be the start of some OPHS art soon >w<

~About Fuu in #OPHS~

:bulletwhite: She only transferred mid-way along the cursus, thanks to her brother Clow absolutely wanting to enter here to follow the epic school-life adventures of his hero Luffy.

:bulletwhite: She is the Vice-President of the Student Council due to some 'circumstances' when she transferred. Zoro being the official President (more for status/charisma reasons), Fuu is the one taking care of the paperwork with Luna's help. If you have any question or trouble at #OPHS, feel free to go and find her :aww: But be careful because it it is something involving money, you will have to answer to Nami no matter what...

(student council badge)

:bulletwhite: Despite being part of the Student Council, she doesn't follow rules blindly but instead tries to accomodate them for students to feel happy and free at school without causing any trouble to anyone else. She even sometimes break rules herself as long as it doesn't result in anything bigger than getting scoled by Headmistress Hancock who had some cut in her 'beauty sleeping time' due to pillow fighting in the Girls' Dorm.

:bulletwhite: For being calm, kind and caring, she is often nicknamed 'Tenshi' by other students, but some students from Grade 7 can testify that it's more scary to see an angel snap than a demon, so they'd rather pick a fight with Nami, Kidd or Zoro than with her.

:bulletwhite: For being too mild, she often ends up involved in Nami's crazy plans to make the Student Council earn money, the casualties ranking from having to dress up in embarrassing outfits for PR events to having to bake cookies every day for a month to sell them to students at lunch break. But hopefully, Luna and Eddy are in it with her as well, and the cohesion of the Student Council will win over any hardship (maybe... ^^;).

~Related #OPHS Deviations~

If you wish to do your own student application for #OPHS

:bulletred: You can find the student and staff application in #OPHS's Group Gallery, free to download and use.
:bulletred: You will find the details for grades, elective courses, trainings and clubs in #OPHS's Blog.
:bulletred: You can reference the uniform details from my own profile as it is the official design, but you must NOT keep the same pose NOR doll your OC over Fuu, NOR make bases out of this profile.

One Piece Eiichiro Oda
OPHS AU Concept ~renealexa-diary

Fuu, One Piece OC =TenshiNoFuu

OPHS Student Application Sheet =TenshiNoFuu


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